Midnighter and Apollo is my first lovely canon gay-couple

Now. I finding another one.

Gio Taviani a.k.a. “Agent Twilight” and Paul Fritche a.k.a “Night Fox”

I love my girlfriend))

We watching movie, drinking beer.

She staring at me for a few minutes, then say…

She - What did you did with your hair?

Me - “Coloring” them. I want to be Platinum Blonde like Kadaj.

She ceased talking for a minute, then frowned and said.

She - Well, yes. But now you remind me one little shit, who blow up the Kirkwall Chantry.

I almost choking. 

Stalia….don’t make me laugh.

Here is Derek photo on Stiles “desk”.

He removed almost all “papers”….But Derek’s photo is still there.

Yeah Jeff you cant kill it))

Sterek is Canon))

Read I here BB 2.0

Flipped pages…and see this.

Son. Son of Richard Grayson. Son of Richard Grayson and Barbara Gordon. John (omg you my lovely little bird now) Grayson.

I’m dead. I`died choking of rainbow.


That awkward moment, when you know that this is a Hawke concept art…. but persistently see here Rodrik/Maron and Asha Greyjoy.

(Dragon Age 2 concept art by Matt Rhodes)





I need a drink.

Day Fifteen:  Team-Up You’d Like To See - JL 3000 + Stormwatch

Truly all teams what I want to see. I’m already see. (Thanks DC). 

But….”StormLeague”. Why not?)))))))

P.S/ Sorry. The work is “ate” me.


Hi Sheo….you wanna some cheese?)))))

Day Fourteen: Favourite Enmity/Rivalry - Batman vs Superman (injustice “earth”)

Human vs Kryptonian (almost god…..almost)

Why Clark can’t kill Bruce?? Why they are continue play in hide and seek?

Day Thirteen: Location you would most like to visit - Gotham

Dark rainy city. Sometime i start to think that Gotham is a city of the endless night.

I love this city.

Day Twelve: First comic you read - The Authority

Day Eleven: Favorite arc/storyline - Court of Owls

I’m really love this story. And I really want to see Dick aka Talon.

Day Ten: Non-canon pairing you ship - Slade/Dick

Just don’t ask. I Ship them from renegade arc & after TT))

Day Nine: Canon pairing you ship - Midnighter & Apollo

Official married from 2002))

Day Eight: Favourite Friendship - Midnighter Grifter

They are like brothers. Midnighter is elder. Grifter is junior. Sometime they are fighting. Sometime helping each other.

(And yes. I ship them)